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Remember The Music: Layne Thomas Staley (1967-2002)

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"The words you said, You made me feel like they were all for me;
The words you said, they will always be a part of me;
The words you said,  You made me feel like I was not alone.
The words you said, You gave me all the strength to carry on...
So to me, you'll never fade.
Your life you gave,
My life you saved,
Your name was Layne."
--From the song, "Layne"
By Staind

"Why do people keep doing drugs?  Don't they hear my music?  Don't they listen to the words?"


"My bad habits AREN'T my title..."


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To Jesus Christ: Thank you.
For Nancy, Layne, Phil, Jim, Liz, Jaime, Oscar, and Demri.  With all my undying love.
For my mom & dads: I love you very much.


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Thanks to everyone for keeping Layne's memory alive, and for stopping by to check this site out. It means alot.