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Remember The Music: Layne Thomas Staley (1967-2002)

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About Layne
Layne & Jerry
Layne's Work
Layne & Demri
Cause & Effect...A Little About Me--Alot owed to Layne.
Links in the Chain...
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The Roar of A Lion...

Some links of personal interest: (Where you may send donations.)

To learn more about Layne & Layne's earlier projects:

For more links, see below:

This is a link to a petition to boycott MTV until Layne Staley finally receives the positive public recognition he deserves.  If you are interested in signing, please click on the following link:

Petition To Remember Layne Staley

 A link to tribute site:

Layne Staley Tribute Site

Christopher Meyer's beautifully done tribute to Layne:

Christopher Meyer's Tribute to Layne

Linda's Alice Page. Very very informative--with great listing of bootlegs, and multiple links. Rock on!!!

 A link to one of the most extensive Alice collections ever to be found on the net:

Alice museum.

To Jesus Christ: Thank you.
For Nancy, Layne, Phil, Jim, Liz, Jaime, Oscar, and Demri.  With all my undying love.
For my mom & dads: I love you very much.


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For more information on Alice In Chains, go to

Thanks to everyone for keeping Layne's memory alive, and for stopping by to check this site out. It means alot.