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Remember The Music: Layne Thomas Staley (1967-2002)

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This is a page of poetry dedicated to Layne. Please submit your work to or and your poetry could be listed on the site.

Alone am I and numb on the inside, waiting for something to come along to kindle the flame. The only thing I know, the only thing that's real is the music you created and the songs that healed a sickened country, dying and oppressed.
I long for you like I like for my grandparents, dead but never forgotten, loved eternally. And I'm aware that my words are no longer the best means with which to pay tribute. You were more than what the media declared you to be; you were a force to be reckoned with, a bright shining star amidst a backdrop of pain; you were a human being--flawed just the same.

We miss you Layne.  We will never forget you.


by Sara Hauck

Layne Thomas Staley

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To Jesus Christ: Thank you.
For Nancy, Layne, Phil, Jim, Liz, Jaime, Oscar, and Demri.  With all my undying love.
For my mom & dads: I love you very much.


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Thanks to everyone for keeping Layne's memory alive, and for stopping by to check this site out. It means alot.